Centiment is focused on equality and ethics and bringing these values to the world of advertising by using artificial intelligence to determine real-time human emotion based on currently viewed digital content.

Problem worth solving

The serving of irrelevant, and sometimes detrimental ads and content to the wrong audience.

We have all been victim to that online ad or pre-roll video that follows a user around the internet, just because you happened to visit a website once. For some this extends beyond just annoyance to being squeezed into online echo chambers, which limit economically, psychologically and emotionally.

Poor experiences like this have led to the unprecedented rise in ad blockers.

Add the limited contextualized targeting capabilities that brands can use for their video advertising campaigns, coupled with the lack of emotional insights available to ad content creators and marketers, it’s not surprising that campaign managers are struggling to justify their video ad budgets.

Centiment help brands and agencies to:

  • understand their audience better
  • emotionally optimize written and visual content before release
  • target the right audience at the right time.