We provide human capital

Evertices Ventures (EV) is a pre-seed accelerator with a difference. We provide entrepreneurs and idea-stage start-ups with the PEOPLE they need to scale up to launch, MVP or readiness for Seed investment.

Why Human Capital?

EV was founded by entrepreneurs who understand the primary pain point most start-ups faced – time & access. Most founders are already working and fit their start-up around their work-life. Accelerators offering a £15k investment + mentorship and investor introductions are great but still risky for the entrepreneur who quits their job in the hope of getting further investment after the acceleration programme ends. Money equals Time.

Then they have to access the team to scale their business. As they are cash-strapped they need to be able to find the right co-founders to believe in their business enough to work for free and bring it to market.

We believe VC investment should be optional not a requirement for all start-ups to flourish.


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