Helping Entrepreneurs change the world.

Evertices Ventures was formed to help founders sculpt their ideas into disruptive and innovative companies.

EV Start-ups is our accelerator providing entrepreneurs and idea-stage start-ups with the people they need to scale up to launch, MVP or readiness for Seed investment.
PinkMatter is our accelerator powered by our partners at Ph.D. led think-tank RealityScience and matches up to £70k value for SEIS & EIS authorised SME’s focusing on solutions in AR, VR, Machine Learning and next generation CNN Artificial Intelligence.
Evertices’ Diversify Fund is a $1M tranche of venture capital provided by New York VC, New Age Capital specifically for female or minority-led UK start-ups.

Are you an Accelerator, Incubator or Business?

ThoughtSpace provide Ph.D. level thought leadership, talks and training webinars for a vast range of subjects within technology and emergent technology and is a service specifically designed for accelerators, incubators and businesses to add valuable insights to their management teams.

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Evertices DeFi

Evertices DeFi is our venture and development arm dedicated to Decentralized Finance (DeFi) applications built on Web3 protocols.

If you are interested in partnering with EV to increase deal flow to your accelerator, let us know.


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